I’m Supporting Erika Harold For Congress!

I’m Not A Republican I Am A Progressive Independent, But I Will Supporting Erika Harold For Congress I Saw Erika On Hannity Last Year Talking With Sean & My Good Friend/Role Model/Attorney/Radio Host/Columnist & Political Analyst Eboni K. Williams About Race It’s Was A Very Important Conversation. Erika Is The Smart Intelligent Beautiful Women Who Is A Great Attorney & Former Miss America.

Finally I Will Say This Her Speech At CPAC Was The Best Speech & I’m Disappointed That Katrina Pierson Lose Her Run, I Wanted Her To Win Too Let Hope This Doesn’t Not Happen To Her In Illinois For Her Run Of Congress. These 2 People & Others Are The Future Of The Conservative Movement I Wish We Are More People Running Like Erika!

My Message For Conservatives Is This Everyone Should Support Erika Harold For Congress, Like Her On Twitter Go To Her Website & Donate Money To Her Campaign.

Good Luck To Your Run For Congress Erika!


How Eboni K. Williams Change My Life Forever!

Before I Saw Eboni K. Williams On Television I Used To Only Be A Republican Who Agreed With His Party On Everything, But Things Have Changed I’m Not The Same Person I Was Last Year & That A Good Thing. Here Why I’m Been Very Disappointment With The Republican Party There Not Working Together With The President To Get Things Done Like Immigration Reform As A Example, So That Why As Of Today I’m Leaving The Republican Party For Good Its Not The Republican Party It Used To Be. I Will Now Become A Progressive Independent & It’s Time To Stop Listening To One Side Of The Party & Focus On All Listening To All Sides Of The Political Spectrum Republican, Conservative, Democrat, Progressive, Libertarian & Independent! For The Last Few Weeks I Been Listening To The Mo’Kelly Show On KFI He Is 100% Right It’s Time To Broaden The Conversation & I Never Listen To A Show Like That Before & I Wish There Was More People Like Him & Others.
When It Come To The Word Progressive Didn’t Have To Be A Bad Word Like Republican What You To Believe All They Want Is What Most People Want Today A Strong Economy, Healthcare Reform, Immigration Reform & Other Things That Most People Can Agree On. I Wish There Was More People Like Eboni K. Williams, Richard Fowler, Van Jones, Mo’Kelly, Zerlina Maxwell & Others I Wish There Are More People Like Them In This Country & I’m Honor To Call This People My Friends & Thanks For What You Do For Every American Everyday By Letting Your Voices Be Heard For Not Making Down From Everything & Anyone!

Finally Eboni K. Williams Let Me Just Say Thank You From The Bottom Of My Heart For All That You Do Everyday As A Legal Analyst, Political Analyst & A Radio Host I Used To Only Be Focus On 1 Issue Everyday & That Was The Economy. Now Because Of You I’m Focus On Other Issues Of The Day Like Politics & The Important Issues When It Come To It Like Immigration Reform, The NSA, Education, Energy & Others. When It Come To Legal Issues Your One Of My Legal Analyst Of All Time I’m Really Glad When I Heard Your Take On It. When You Speak On Legal Issues It Very Important That I Listen To What Your Talking About & Interact With You With My Take. Finally When It Come To Your Show Online Its The Great Legal Show I Ever Watched In America Today & I Can’t For More Of The Show BHL Justice To Come!

Eboni K. Williams Your Very Smart & A Intelligent Woman I Ever Met On Tv & I’m Really Glad We Are Friends!

I’m James Nathaniel!

The 10 Things President Didn’t Talk About The SOTU!

The Top 10 Things President Obama Didn’t Talked About During The State Of Union!
10. Stop Wasteful & Fix Broken Government
9. Reining Red Tape & Control Spending
8. Voting Rights
7. Education
6. Energy Plan
5. Simplify The Tax Code
4. Investigate What About Benghazi & Focus On Foreign Policy Like Syria & Iran
3. Keystone XL Pipeline
2. Stop The NSA Spying/What Will Do On Snowden
1. You Didn’t Apologize To The 5 Million Who Lost There Coverage Under Obamacare You Lied When You Said, If You Like You Plan You Can Keep It

I’m James Nathaniel!

Eboni K. Williams My Role Model!

Today I Will Be Highlight Eboni K. Williams As My Role Model On My Political Report. Eboni & I Become Friends When I Tweet My Personal Opinion On Duck Dynasty Controversy She Agree With Me When I Said This People Should Be Accountable & Responsible For What They Say & What They Do! Its Just Common Sense But They Not The Only Thing We Agree On, Eboni & I Agree Concerns About The NSA & Edward Snowden, The American People Want Questions & Answers About What Happen In Benghazi, Hillary Clinton & The Obama Administration Need To Tell Us The Truth, We Need Immigration Reform Obama Inappropriate Remarks Medical Marijuana, Eboni Wrote A Very Interesting Opinion Piece On Justin Bieber For CNN & She Correct On What She Said,But Not Everyone Agree With Eboni & Somepeople Attack Eboni Personally So I Defend Her I Didn’t Like The Names People Called Like She Shouldn’t Be A Attorney & One Person Called Her A Idiot That Is Unacceptable &
Very Inappropriate To Called Her Those Names. When It’s Come All Things Legal We Agree On What She Talking About. When It’s Come To The Word Race It’s Very Important That Eboni Talk About She Know What She Talking About.
I Agree With Eboni On 85% Of What She Talking About Her What Disagree On The Second Amendment, Abortion I Was Always Pro-Life, The Size Of Government I’m A Limited Government Guy. I’m Sure I Will Agree With Eboni On More Things When She Agree On Tv & Radio!

Finally Here Is 2 Things Eboni Dont Know About Me
1. I Have A Disability Called Autism
& 2. I’m A Supporter Of Same-Sex Marriage

The Happiest Day Of My Life Was Eboni Follow Me Back On Twitter I Always Been A Big Fan Of Eboni K. Williams I Love Seeing Her On Fox News, Fox Business & On The Radio. I Love Her Website A Lot & I Watch Her Videos As Inspiration I Learn A Lot Of Things I Don’t Know About & I Should Know Because They Are Very Important. Eboni Has A Inspiring story Accepted To College At University Of North Carolina When She Was 16. Begin Her Legal Career Specializing In Family Law & Civil Litigation. Professional Experience Began In Louisiana In The Wake Of Hurricane Katrina Where As A Law Student, Supporting Efforts To Rebuild The City Of New Orleans, She Also Worked For Various Politicians In New Orleans. She Clerked For The Louisiana
Secretary Of State & The Louisiana Attorney General Office. Provides Political Strategy For Candidates Throughout Los Angeles. Eboni K. Williams Is The Smart Intelligent Young Woman & She Has A Bright Future I Hope Fox News Hiring As A Contributor & I Hope She Has Her Own Radio Show So The Public Can Hear Her Voice.

Thank You For Eboni K. Williams For Being A Great Influence On Me, Let’s Me Follow My Dreams, Being My Twitter Follower, My Best Friend & Let’s Your Voice Be Heard, You Inspiring Me To Be On The Radio & Tv Don’t Change Who You Are For Anyone & I Got Your Back If Anyone Pick On You On Twitter!
Starting Today & Everyday I Will Be Praying For Eboni K. Williams & I Hope Your Dreams Come True You Inspire Me To Follow My Dreams So I Will Be Doing The Same For You Too I’m Sure You Would Do The For Me Eboni!

I’m James Nathaniel

Hall Of Shame Congressman Michael Grimm!

Today In My Hall Of Shame
Congressman Michael Grimm For New York Here Why He Threat A New York 1 News Reporter He Said This I Will Break You Half Like A Boy! That’s Unprofessional Inappropriate To Said. You Should Be Ashamed Of Yourself That Reporter Was Doing His Job Asking Tough Questions!

My Take Is This
I Don’t Care If Your A Republican Or Democrat You Don’t Attack A News Reporter Or Anyone!
Politicians We Need to Hold Them Accountable For What They Said & What They Do! I Learn This Advice For My Twitter Friend Eboni K. Williams & She Right!

I’m James Nathaniel!

President Obama SOTU Speech!

President Obama SOTU Speech He Called The Year Of Action But I’m Going To Be Honest There Wasn’t A Lot In The Speech That New To Me!
So Today I Will Be Giving My Take On The Speech & Grading It.

Economy My Grade Is A F Here All Obama Said About The Economy The Minimum Wage Will $10.10 An Hour
He Also Said Woman Should Be Pay More Here The Facts On That Weekly Average Earnings For Full-Time Workers Woman $713 & Man $869 But The Math Is Fuzzy Here Is Some Facts Obama Pays His Female Employees Less At White House Than Men Employees. There Are More Woman Doing Management Professional Jobs Like Teachers & Nurses Than Mens, In College Graduation 52% Of College Graduate Are Women. If You Adjust When Woman Take Off Time To Raise Children’s Than Make More Than Mens & Woman Live Longer Than Men. The Losers In The Obama Economy Are Men & Woman Make A Choice If They Want To Go Back To Work When Than Have Children’s. Here One More Thing He Said Extend Unemployment Benefits
Here A Big Lie Obama Said Investment In America, America Pass China To Invest But As CNN Christine Romans She Said China Is Still Growing. Now Here What Obama Should Had Said To Fix The Economy Here My Take 1. Obama Miss Talking About His Energy Plan I Have An Idea Build The Keystone XL Pipeline. 2. Controlling Spending Stopping Wasteful Spending, Strengthening Priorities Like Medicare & Replacing The President Sequester With Smarter Cuts & Reforms That Help Us Balance The Budget Just Like Familes Do. Will Help Pay Down Our Debt & Preserve The America Dream 3. What About Energy Independence An All Of The Above Approach That Expend America Energy Production Will Help Create Jobs, Boost Manufacturing & Make Energy More Affordable. 4. Fostering Innovation Keeping The Internet Free From Government Regulation, Stopping Cyber Attacks While Protecting Our Privacy & Modernizing Our Laws Will Help Promote Technological Innovation & Entrepreneurship. 5.Reining The Red Tape. 6. Expanding Markets For Manufacturers & Small Business Opening New Markets For American- Made Goods Will Help Lower Prices For Consumers, Create Better, Higher Paying Jobs For Workers & Attract New Investments In The United States Of America! 7. Simplify The Tax Code A Simpler Flatter Tax Code Without All The Loopholes Will Be Fairer For Everyone, Bring Jobs Home & Help Make American Innovators & Manfuactuers More Competitive. & Finally 8. Stopping Waste & Fixing Broken Government Economy Is The #1 Issue People Still Don’t Have Jobs!

2. Healthcare AKA Obamacare My Grade Is An I For Incomplete Here Why You Didn’t Talk About It Enough Last Night & You Didn’t Apologize To The 5 Million People Who Lost Coverage Under Obamacare You Lied To The American People When You Said If You Like Your Doctor You Can Keep It. Last Week On Lars Lawson I Said This I Was On For 15-20 Minutes I Said This More Companies Will Do What Target Did & Cut Health Insurance For Part Timers & Tell People To Sign For Obamacare For Target Is Not The Only Company Doing This Home Depot, Trader Joe & Walgreens Are Did This Too. I’m Going To Said Right Now I Think Every Retailer Will Have To Do This I Think Walmart, Lowe’s Toys R Us & Others Will Do This I Said On The 3 Big National Radio Shows Over The Last 3 Weeks.
I Been Working Closely On Social Media With 3 Big Groups Tell People About Why Obamacare Is Bad For Young People The Groups Are American For Prosperity, Ashley Pratte & Young American Foundation & Corie Whalen & Generation Opportunity I Will Do Whatever I Can For These Groups & Stop Obamacare
Finally Here My Plan For Healthcare Lowering Healthcare Costs & Bolstering Research Repealing Obamacare Enacting Patient-Centered Reforms & Eliminating Wasteful Government Spending So We Can Focus On Disease & Disorder Research Will Improve Care & Bring Down The Costs That Strain Families & Make It For Small Business To Hire.

3. Immigration My Grade Is An C Here Why I’m Glad He Talked About, But If Want To Reform Immigration Here My Plan Securing Our Borders, Enforcing Our Laws & Making The Process Of Becoming A Legal Immigrant Fair & More Efficient Will Help America Remain A Magnet For The Brightest Minds & Hardest Worders.

4. Education My Grade Is An I For Incomplete Here Why You Didn’t Have A Education Plan So Here My Plan Expending Education Opportunity Reforming Federal Education Policies To Empower Parents With Choice & Equal Opportunity To Seek Great Teachers & Schools & Impove Access To College & Training, Will Better Prepare Students For Tomorrow Job Market.

Finally My Overall Grade For Obama Speech Is An I For Incomplete
The GOP Response Is An A Plus That Was A Great Speech By Cathy Mcmorris Rodgers Republican From Washington.
I Have Some Advice For The GOP
1. Stop ObamaCare & Win In 2014 & 2016 We Need Strong Conservatives Like We Have In Congress Like Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, Mike Lee
We Also Have Strong Conservatives Governors Like Scott Walker WI, Rick Scott FL, Mike Pence IN, Bobby Jindal LA, Rick Perry TX, Nikki Haley SC & Others.
We Don’t Need Anymore More Wishy-Washy Republicans If You Know What I Mean We Need Strong Conservatives, Libertarians, Tea Parties Supporters & Small Government/Limited Government People
2. Be Careful What You Say This Advice Is The Same Advice Every Conservative Been Said This & Even My Progressive Democrat Friend Eboni K. Williams Said This Too.
& 3. Reach Out To Young People & Minorities It’s Very Important Advice That Eboni K. Williams Gave I’m Giving Too. My Generation Need More People Like Myself, Katie Pavlich, Corie Whalen, Francesca Chambers, Emily Miller Kayleigh McEnany, Lila Rose & Others.

Finally I Survive The SOTU Speech Thanks My Conservative Role Model Katie Pavlich & Eboni K. Williams My Role Model, Best Friend, Twitter Friend Progress Democrat, Radio Host & Legal Analyst It’s Was Like Fox News In A Way. A Conservative & Democrat Take. I Had Fun Tweeting Thru Out The Speech With My 2 Favorites Followers & I Like Tweet Back Giving My Take.

I’m James Nathaniel